Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find my appurtenance in the list on the Discrete Loads spreadsheet. How do I enter these in?

You can enter additional appurtenances into the database by going to the menu toolbar Database and selecting Appurtenances. Here you can navigate thru the existing databases by clicking on Select Database, then select Open. Pick from any of the drop down list and select OK. If you don’t find the appurtenance you are looking for you can create a new database by clicking on Select Database, then New and finally by pressing Add on the top right. Be sure to save this new appurtenance database by again clicking on Select Database and then select Save As.

What load combination is being displayed for the Mast V/M and Deflection sheets?

The default load combination that is displayed is the Maximums for these sheets. You can choose from any of the Load combinations by right clicking anywhere on the screen, and select from the drop down list of Load Combinations available.

What is the difference between CX and X brace systems and why is this important for the analysis?

The X brace is assumed to have a stitch plate at the center of the X whereas the CX braces pass by each other with no connection. This is important for very slender braces because the analysis can show elastic buckling of the brace when there is a node included at the center in the analysis.

Can I add my own additional notes to the Material Take-Off page?

Yes. Just right-click and a dialog will appear that will allow you to enter in additional notes on the printout.

How do I change my units in tnxTower?

Just go to the menu File and select Settings. On the first tab called Project, you can choose your units to either the System of Units either US Customary or Metric. Then by clicking on the corresponding tab (US Customary Units, or SI Metric), you can pick from any of the drop down lists to customize your units.