Company Info

Tower Numerics Inc. (TNX) develops software for structural design of communication and wind turbine towers. It was founded by Peter Chojnacki, whose more than 30 years of design expertise cover a wide range of structural types from highway bridges to communication towers. In the last 20 years Peter has been developing structural design software, spending a great part of that time creating software tools for the tower industry.

In September 2010 TNX acquired the rights to the most widely used tower design program in the US - RISATower. Peter has been the director of development of RISATower at RISA Technologies where he wrote numerous features of the program. He also worked with many RISATower users on specific design issues that required advanced modeling techniques.

Following the acquisition, RISATower has been renamed to tnxTower. TNX is fully committed to the tower industry in the US and throughout the world. In fact, this is the only industry that our products will serve. We intend to accelerate development of tnxTower bringing new features and enhancements to the program. We will continue to offer unparalleled support for the software, further enhancing the value of our products.

TNX will continue the partnership with RISA Technologies. The interoperability of tnxTower with RISA-3D has been very well received by the users.

Peter is active in the tower engineering community, and participates in the Telecommunications Industry Association ANSI/TIA-222 Standard Formulating Committee. He is the Chairman of the TIA-222-H Standard Analysis Group.

TNX provides training for users of tnxTower. The classes are not only allowing students to become more adept at using the program, but very often provide invaluable help in understanding the principles underlying the tower design Standards.